Welcome to the Stevenson & Hunt website designed specifically for Winmar Franchise owners.  Our Group Benefits Plan offers franchise owners across Canada flexible plan design options, expert advice and service and many other value added benefits: 

      • Comprehensive coverage tailored to address the needs of Winmar franchise owners and
         their employees through Canada’s leading insurance providers* 
      • Competitive group pricing with insurance premium savings of 15-20%
      • Expert advice and strategic group benefit consulting services
      • Canada-Wide coverage and service
      • Effective method for establishing policies to address survivor benefits and high health 
         and dental costs
      • Tax effective form of compensation
      • Valuable tool to attract and retain quality employees
      • Quick and easy process to get a quote

*Current Insurance Provider is RWAM, a Canadian-owned innovative leader in the group insurance


Our Group Benefits Plan offers comprehensive benefits coverage to Winmar Franchise owners and their eligible employees.  Plan highlights include: 

     • Prescription drug coverage with a Pay Direct Drug Card
     • Comprehensive dental coverage
     • Semi-private hospital coverage
     • Out-of-Canada/Province coverage
     • Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance
     • Long Term Disability coverage (optional)
     • Paramedical practitioner coverage e.g. massage therapy
     • Medical supplies and more


Our Group Benefits Plan has been designed for Winmar Franchise owners who currently have coverage in place, as well as, those looking to establish a new plan.


As a franchise owner, to be eligible for the plan, you must have been in business for at least twelve months and have at least two active full-time employees.