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We know that your time is precious, so we designed this web site to make it quick and easy for you to learn about and request a quote for the preferred home & auto insurance options available to you.


Our approach to personal insurance is focused on the unique characteristics of each and every person we insure.  When we calculate your premium, we consider the features of your home, your car and your experience, down to a level of detail that truly reflects you.

Our personalized approach is embedded in the system we use to determine the price of what your home and auto insurance will cost.  It marks a shift from rating based on traditional broad categories to providing each customer with an individualized rate based on his or her unique characteristics - it's one of the most precise ways to get a rate that really reflects your situation.

Because we consider all the facts about you and your experience, most of the credits you might be accustomed to seeing listed on your policy are now built right into your premium.  That's why it's always a good idea to review and, if necessary, update your personal information with Stevenson & Hunt to ensure you are getting all of the benefits available to you.












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