Stevenson & Hunt has been successful in developing cost-effective benefit plans specifically designed for a range of nonprofit organizations. We currently provide strategic benefits consulting to 120 clients in the nonprofit sector. Outlined below are some Group Benefit solutions included in our program designed exclusively for Pillar Members:

With respect to your Pillar membership, we are able to combine your plan with the Pillar association plan, with the goal of reduced costs and greater flexibility. There are many options available, many of which are outlined below. We would be happy to discuss with you a plan that meets your needs, with the best cost available.

Health and Dental Benefits are a tax-efficient way for you to reward your employees, with coverage options ranging from expenses such as prescription drugs, paramedical services such as chiropractors, naturopaths, podiatrists, hospital care, medical services and equipment, out-of-province emergency travel assistance, and vision care.

Group Disability Insurance helps ensure your employees continue to have a source of income should they suffer a disability and be unable to work for certain periods of time. We can make sure that your disability plan works for you, protecting your employees against losses from injury or illness, while assisting and encouraging them to come back to work if possible.

Group Life Insurance is made available without medical proof of insurability, which is helpful if your employees have a condition, such as diabetes, that makes it difficult for them to obtain individual life insurance. Available in a number of configurations: employee term life, dependent term life, optional term life.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage provides your employees and their families with additional benefits should they die, lose a limb, become paralyzed, or experience loss of hearing, speech or sight as a result of an accident.

Employee Assistance Plans provide your employees and their families with access to professional counseling for personal or family difficulties, substance abuse issues, gambling problems or job-related concerns. Employee Assistance Plans are designed to reduce absenteeism, accidents and costs associated with healthcare and disability claims. EAP plans also help increase morale and productivity of your employees.

Health Care Spending Accounts are a great way for employers to meet the needs of a diverse workforce and for employees to achieve tax savings on their health care costs.